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Anonymous: brooke

No point digging up the past :)

Anonymous: Lilly

Lilly is a gay baby, once we went to the luge and she fuckin ditched me when I crashed and she was the reason I crashed -.-

Anonymous: Ben

When Ben and I first met I thought he was wonderful and then I remember he picked me and Brooke up from work with Joseph and I was wearing my Nirvana shirt and I was like ‘omg I hope this boy is impressed by my music taste’, yep.

Anonymous: sam

Once I made friends with a girl at a party because we were talking about our ex-boyfriends and how we both had this guy called Sam that got a bit weird about us. Yeah.

Anonymous: josh

Josh and I used to be the closest of friends and we met on here when I was like 15 and I thought he was some creepy old man pretending to be a teenage boy so I wouldn’t tell him where I was from, huhuhuh

i miss you guys
Showers can wash away anything. Smoke, dirt, tears, his touch, his words.
Advice to myself (via egal-schillerwardichter)